Bruce Simpson

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  • "Bruce did the "Nix and Tix" animated segments for Popular Mechanics for Kids on which I was senior editor and he animated the "Recipe for a Prank Segments" on the YTV show Prank Patrol on which I was senior editor and director of post production. We also collaborated the development of a show called "Monster Island Mysteries".
        Bruce is by far the most talented animator and animation director I have ever worked with. He knows how to take a concept and find a twist in it that makes it the funniest thing ever. He can take your idea and make it seem brilliant. He has a talent for creating simple characters with loads of personality. He has an instinct for movement, timing, audio and tone that is uncanny. His work ranges from well about average to brilliant to sublime. He's really easy to work with. Nothing but the highest praise. Just hire him. You can't go wrong. If you want to hear more along these lines just get in touch with me".
        Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
        - Jason Levy, Producer - Director of Post Production, Apartment 11 Productions

  • "It's hard to choose just three attributes for Bruce because he's a star in every way. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about all things game and animation related, he has the amazing ability to take what you ask for and catapult the idea to the next level. His work is THE best, is very reasonably priced, and you know when he's on board you'll be thrilled with the result. Run, don't walk, and hire him!"
        Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
        - Liz Bruckner, Associate Editor & Producer, Walt Disney Internet Group

  • "Bruce Simpson is an excellent person to work with. I find myself coming up with concepts and ideas to pitch with Bruce in mind, and then hoping that he will accept the work. When you hire Bruce, you are not just hiring a pair of hands, you are hiring someone who wants to contribute to your project and its' success."
        Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative
        - Calvin Marr, Flash Producer, Interactive, Corus Entertainment Inc.

  • "Bruce does not waste time producing work that is uninspired. He is a dedicated, creative, and deadline-committed artist, and I often enough find myself looking for opportunities to draw on his talents. I look forward to working with Bruce again soon."
        - Mitchell Praw, Content Manager, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce is one of the people with whom I not only hope to work with again, but I stand in awe of his skill. He is dedicated, passionate, and a great collaborator. He is an asset to any team, as he takes average work and makes it extraordinary."
        - Craig Ritchie, Senior Web Designer,

  • "Bruce is a rare gem! He is not only an extremely talented artist but is a pleasure to work with from a sales and marketing perspective. Bruce listens to client's objectives and transforms a vision into reality. Bruce always exceeded expectations and did so on time and with a smile. I look forward to working with Bruce for many more years to come."
        - Linda Kessler, Director of Advertising Sales, Canada, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce was my Animation Director for a time at Cuppa Coffee.
        Bruce was always able to keep a cool head despite tight scheduling and stressful situations. Most importantly, he managed these problems without them becoming the concern of his animators. In doing so, he created an enjoyable, productive environment for his animators.
        Bruce has a great sense of humor, is easy to get along with and is always quick to come up with creative solutions to problems that arise during production.
        In addition to being a great animation director, Bruce's personal projects which he writes, directs, designs and animates are incredibly funny and charming."
        - Kristiina Szabo, Stop Motion Animator, Cuppa Coffee Animation

  • "I had the pleasure of working as a production artist with Bruce during my years at Kaboose. Bruce is a plentiful well of creative knowledge. The depth of his experience and what he brings to the table is quite hard to find. His creative decisions and executions are brilliant, and he is a pure joy to work with. Hope to cross paths again in the future!"
        - Brian Howe, Senior Graphic Designer, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce's extraordinarily creative concepts, designs, and animations always impress, and his calm, good-humoured attitude makes him a great asset to any team. I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again."
        - Russell Montgomery, Technical Director, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce is a highly talented illustrator and animator. I had the pleasure of working with him on several successful flash games and animations for He really understands what the kid audience finds fun and is also entertaining for parents. I would work with him again in a heartbeat and think that he would be a great business and development asset to any team."
        - Laura Bowers, Project Manager, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce is an amazing illustrator and animator. He's a great collaborator, super-easy to work with and always willing to take time to teach or suggest new ways of doing things. If I had a chance to work with him again, I would gladly do so!"
        - Angela Barber, Marketing Graphic Designer, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce is a wonderful person to work with. He has a lot of experience illustrating for kids cartoons and games! You can learn a lot from some one with a lot of experience and he shows great interest in kids' style cartoons. I would definitely work with him again!"
        - Dury Luong, Graphic Designer, Kaboose Inc.

  • "Bruce is one of a kind. A very talented animator and illustrator, Bruce is a quiet observer who imbues his work with nuances, humour and depth. Dedicated and thorough, he goes way beyond to 'get the job done'. A great people person and a source of animation performance techniques, he inspires confidence in his animation team. Bruce is also very, very funny in a very dry manner... I look forward to working (and laughing) with him again soon."
        - Dave Barton Thomas, Director, Cuppa Coffee Studios

  • "I've had the good fortune of working with Bruce on a few occasions at Cuppa Coffee Studios. He has great creative vision, and the communication skills necessary to communicate that vision to those working with him clearly, and concisely. His ideas are creative, and well thought out. Never flamboyant, or pie in the sky. He is well versed, hands on, professional and always, always even keeled. Bruce is definitely one of the good guys! "
        - Alex Savazzi, 2nd Head of Set Dept/ Head Carpenter, Cuppa Coffee

  • "I have had the pleasure to work with Bruce on a number of projects. He is a superb animator and animation director. More importantly, he is fair, honorable and respected by his peers."
        - Alexander Gorelick, Director, Cuppa Coffee Studios

  • "In an industry full of talented artists, the way people stand out as exceptional is in their ability to work with others.
        I had the pleasure of working with Bruce on a few demanding productions and he could always be counted on to make the workday better. With his sense of humour, ability to remain calm in tense situations, and deft touch in awkward work situations, Bruce brought a sense of professionalism to the studio. Keenly aware of other's feelings, Bruce could point out flaws in work without damaging an animator's psyche and make suggestions for continued improvements.
        Quick to laugh, and fun to be around, Bruce is without question, the kind of person I'd want beside me in the trenches of animated productions."
        - Jason Thompson, animation, Cuppa Coffee Animation

  • "Bruce is a very easy-going and yet serious animation professional. His animation work on Jo Jo's Circus was excellent! Detail orientated with a great eye for animation, Bruce worked the hours needed to get the job done on schedule. You need Bruce on your team!"
        - Geri Bertolo, Animation Director, Design, Storyboard, Cuppa Coffee Animation

  • "It truly was a great pleasure to work with Bruce. He is an incredibly talented animator and animation director who is reliable, respectful and so much fun to be around. He definitely brings a lot to the table!!"
        - Sylvie Trouvé, animator, animation director, Cuppa Coffee Animation

  • "Bruce is a diligent and hard working director. He has not only a great aptitude for animation direction but also works well in the team atmosphere that Cuppa Coffee is known for. Bruce recognizes well the art of balancing his creative input, management of crews and understanding and implementing client notes. Bruce was an extremely appreciated member of my staff."
        - Adam Shaheen, President, Cuppa Coffee Studios

  • "Bruce and I worked together on segments for Popular Mechanics for Kids as well as Prank Patrol. He created numerous animations for both shows. Receiving his work on a weekly basis in our packaging department was often the highlight of the week - extremely funny, well-timed, creatively genius animations with impeccable accents, music, timing. We shared many good laughs and Bruce always knew and respected deadlines as any seasoned pro in this biz... I am very proud of those shows to this day. We worked from different city bases, but at least once a year at wrap party time we could top the great creative collaboration with an even better person-to-person vibe - Bruce is a wise, perceptive, understanding and funny person who is just a great guy to be on a team with. I greatly regret that we're not in contact on more productions these days - Bruce is a truly wonderful person to have on a creative team. He's the man, plain and simple."
        - Zsolt Luka, Director/Editor, Apartment 11 Productions

  • "Bruce is an exceptionally creative and talented Animator, and also one heck of a great guy. We are in the process of launching a fun new racing app (Left Lane Looey) that involves a lot of animation. Bruce took our solid concepts, came up with creative ways to make them even better, then brought them to life. Bruce was always open to feedback, and constructively voiced great alternate ideas if he thought there was a better way to do things. I will DEFINITELY be bringing Bruce on for future projects!"
        - Harris Korn, Vice-President at BMCG (Brand Marketing & Communications Group)

  • "Bruce is a super talented animator! He has a great sense of story and is extremely visually creative. He's also just a really fun guy to hang out with at a wrap party!"
        - Ramelle Mair, Story Producer, Apartment 11 Productions

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